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Software Development Services

About us

Custom Software and Applications Development

Blockchain – Smart Contracts – dApps

B2B  & Tender Contracts Participation

Our company, Appioum, builds custom software applications that help enterprises, customers and countries by participating in tender contracts to accelerate their business efficiency and maximize their productivity within the global markets.

We believe that innovation, both in technologies and in tools, is vital. For this reason, we develop complex systems to help automate processes, manage tasks and minimize any risks, costs, or errors, while simultaneously running operations. We develop sophisticated technologies for efficient and economical IT management and performance.

We aim to bring intelligent technology experiences that can solve common business issues, reduce development and entry costs of businesses of all sizes, and increase your performance and competence.

Appioum is dedicated to providing efficient and long term software solutions through the use of a new breed of technologies from the cutting edge of human-tech interfaces, to the next generation of internet solutions.

Welcome to Appioum, your assistant for all things I.T. We are dedicated to giving you the very best of software development solutions. We are currently also undertaking projects related to blockchain and smart contracts solutions. We are passionate about helping you bring your ideas to life. Our carefully selected team of professionals with highly specialized skills and diverse expertise can offer you specific solutions for your business and help you create custom applications with a superb user experience. We now serve customers globally. We hope you enjoy our products and services. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We adopt a customer-centric approach and follow a process of many stages to meet your needs. After understanding your unique requirements, we conduct market research and analysis to understand the current trends. Ιn the design stage, we can then plan our next steps with precision to achieve the best results for you. After development, we provide support and education on the project to keep you informed. For a superb user experience, we collaborate with certified auditors and conduct demanding quality controls.
ERP & Tender Contract Projects
Managed Solutions for Enterprise (ERP) & Tender Contracts. We offer fully-managed software, on-demand, on-premise development for financial technology - Defi, e-Banking/mobile banking) ERP, Inventory systems , Investment, Insurance, Government, Non-Government, Telecommunications, Government Services. We partner with clients on solution customisation to help achieve growth and operational excellence. We also have in house expertise with some of the top-rated business applications and solutions.

Our Services

Custom software consultation, design, engineering, support and product management.

Web development and custom web applications, back end, front end solutions.
Also regular ,traditional web services and development for SBs and SMEs : i.e. databases, web design, website development, eCommerce etc.

Mobile applications-apps development/Cross platform Solutions Frameworks, Interfaces – API.

Design and User interface-UI/UX/GUI.
Branding guides, graphics, logo, infographics, typography-fonts, papers.

Product Management Services
Software and Applications Maintenance:
Testing/Bug Fixing/Upgrades/Software Updates.

Tailor made support
Documentation and Workforce trainning education management services.

Cloud Based Application Development
Web, Cloud, Native, Hybrid, etc.
Server prep., Hypervisors Virtual machines prep., containers, SAAS implemenattion.

Blockchain and smart contracts – dapps Solutions, when speed, scalability, security, and privacy is required.

Custom low level programming or ready made known solutions implementation for blockchain development .

Known frameworks implementations i.e.

ethereum, hyperledger, corda etc. 

Private permissioned, public permissionless blockchain solutions and many more according to specific project.

Marketing Solutions
ADs management, SEO, marketing consultation, support and implementation.

What Sets Us Apart


We offer full support services in the areas of consulting, architecture, application development, deployment and support. All support we provide are fully integrated and delivered using the best of tools and practices.