About us

Our company, builds custom software and applications that help enterprises, customers and countries (by participating in tender contracts) to accelerate their business efficiency and maximize their productivity within the global markets.


We believe that innovation, both in technologies and in tools, is vital, for this reason, we develop complex systems to help automate processes, manage tasks and minimize any risks, costs, or errors, while simultaneously running operations. We develop sophisticated technologies for efficient and economical IT management and performance.


Appioum is dedicated to providing efficient and long term software solutions through the use of a new breed of technologies from the cutting edge of human-tech interfaces, to the next generation of internet solutions.


We aim to bring intelligent technology experiences that can solve common business issues, reduce development and entry costs of businesses of all sizes, and increase your performance and competence.


We offer full support services in the areas of consulting, architecture, application development, deployment and support. All support we provide are fully integrated and delivered using the best of tools and practices.